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Ethanol: Hype or Happening?

Corn's the new oil. Everyone knows it. After all, corn = ethanol = energy = wealth beyond the dreams of avarice. But is it true?

  • An energy producer? Or destroyer?
  • Is it really good for the environment?
  • How do you play it?

HAIFebruary 08, 2007

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Continuing Catharsis

The Russell 3000 hits a new all-time high. Can the S&P 500 be far behind?

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Shiny, My Precious

They say gold is an inflation hedge. So why has the gold price skyrocketed while inflation flatlined? Is it time to re-evaluate the link between gold and inflation?

  • A crisis hedge
  • The source of its value
  • Restored equilibrium?

HAIFebruary 06, 2007

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S&P Buys Into Commodities Boom

Standard & Poor's buys the Goldman Sachs Commodity Index from the investment bank.

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New Europe Pays Dividends

DJ STOXX continues to expand its dividend indexes, with a new index for the “new Europe."

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ETF Watch: January 27 - February 2

ProShares goes sector crazy, while iShares slices and dices the real estate market.

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Cracks In The Foundation?

Home prices rise on a rolling yearly basis, but man o man, the trends don’t look good.

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Leveraged Sectors

ProShares expands into the sector market, with the simultaneous launch of 22 new sector ETFs.