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June 04, 2018

China & Oil Launches Well-Timed

The two ETFs on this list are each focused on China and oil, respectively: KURE and BOON.

KURE is a China sector fund from China-focused issuer KraneShares that focuses on health care—a segment of the market not all that traveled given that single-country sector ETFs (outside the U.S.) remain relatively rare.

The portfolio, which blends large- and midcap names, offers diverse exposure to various types of China stocks, including A-shares, H-shares, N-shares, etc., in a mix that’s market-cap-weighted and typically tilted toward pharmaceuticals, according to FactSet data. KURE has $22 million in assets, and costs 0.79% in expense ratio.



BOON, meanwhile, is an oil fund that tracks an equally weighted index of U.S. large-cap companies highly correlated to the price of Brent crude oil. Stocks in this portfolio move in tandem with oil price movements and came to market with the stamp of approval of T. Boone Pickens.

By looking at companies that are correlated to oil prices, BOON delivers exposure to energy stocks that go beyond traditional energy names, according to FactSet data.


BOON has $6.7 million in assets under management and costs a hefty-for-an-equity-ETF price tag of 0.85%.

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