iShares Lock Up Morningstar Indexes

March 08, 2004

Barclays Global Investors registers ETFs based on Morningstar stock indexes.

Barclays Global Investors today said it has inked an agreement with Morningstar to license 16 U.S. style-based indexes. BGI filed a prospectus for nine iShares Morningstar exchange-traded funds with the SEC.

With expense ratios ranging from 0.20%-0.30%, the funds that are listed in the filing are designed to track the following Morningstar style-based indexes:

  • Morningstar Large Value Index
  • Morningstar Large Growth Index
  • Morningstar Large Core Index
  • Morningstar Mid Value Index
  • Morningstar Mid Growth Index
  • Morningstar Mid Core Index
  • Morningstar all Value Index
  • Morningstar all Growth Index
  • Morningstar all Core Index


"Many advisors follow Morningstar's research and determine a target asset allocation for their clients based on the Morningstar Style Box,' said Lee Kranefuss, CEO of BGI's Intermediary Business.

"We created the Morningstar Indexes to serve as better building blocks for portfolio construction," said Don Phillips, managing director for Morningstar. "BGI is a market leader in creating exchange-traded funds, and our interests in serving investors and financial advisors are clearly aligned.'

For more on the Morningstar indexes, click here.

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