AdvisorShares Plans YieldPro Income ETF

August 09, 2013

AdvisorShares is looking to roll out a multi-asset fund-of-funds ETF comprising fixed income and even equities to capture income at a time when investors are scrambling to find yield in a low-interest market environment.

The AdvisorShares YieldPro ETF (Nasdaq: YPRO) will be able to go both long and short in ETFs that offer diversified exposure to fixed-income and other income-producing securities.

Those options include U.S. and foreign government bonds, U.S. or foreign investment-grade corporate debt, high-yield bonds, municipal bonds, mortgage-backed securities and emerging market debt, according to a regulatory filing. The fund will also be able to make use of equity, inverse or other types of ETFs to supplement its fixed-income ETF positions.

YPRO will enter a market still characterized by the ultra-low yields that followed the market meltdown of 2008-2009. Fund sponsors have been rolling out all kinds of income-seeking strategies focused on high-yield and emerging market debt; senior loans; payout-rich stocks; and multi asset-class funds. YPRO’s ability to go short appears to add another fold in the multi-asset-class mix.

Elements Financial Group is the subadvisor of the fund and Joshua Emanuel, chief investment officer of Elements Financial, is the portfolio manager of the offering. Expenses for the fund were not available in the filing.




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