Top 10 ETF Performers YTD

October 22, 2013

Make Room For China Tech

It’s not just government bolstering that’s lit the flame below alternative energy, either. Consumer use of economically friendly resources like solar panels and wind energy has grown to be consumer friendly on a cost-efficiency and accessibility basis. That is making funds that carry a basket of solar, wind and other alternative companies blossom into the best investments you should have made at the start of 2013.

China plays a role in the solar spike, too, as Chinese manufacturers have made an effort to tilt the export-heavy economy into a more domestic consumer environment by pushing tourism, which has brought the PowerShares Golden Dragon China ETF (PGJ | B-26) into the ranks of best-so-far, too.

PGJ has increased 61.63 percent year-to-date. This seventh-place performer of 2013 lands on the list with the ninth runner-up, the Guggenheim China Technology fund (CQQQ | D-31), which has grown 58.13 percent.

Both funds have a well-stocked allocation (PGJ holds 8.08 percent and CQQQ is at 11.95 percent) toward Baidu Inc. (NasdaqGS: BIDU), a Chinese Web services company that has reported a 65.5 percent total return year-to-date, according to Bloomberg data.

Facebook Flop Turned Fruitful

In eighth place, and somewhat of the black sheep of this winner’s circle, is the Global X Social Media fund (SOCL | C-33), which has pulled itself up by its bootstraps since a rough ride in spring of 2012 and a few consecutive months thereafter of volatility.

Since the start of 2013, SOCL is up 60.43 percent, thriving now that Facebook (NasdaqGS: FB), a 13.01 percent holding for the fund, has turned the corner after an all-too-embarrassing IPO.

Finally, the last-place winner is the iShares Global Clean Energy fund (ICLN | B-17), coming up short by a few steps compared with related clean energy funds GEX and QCLN, with a total return of 56.28 percent. The reason for ICLN’s lag is in its holdings—particularly, in what’s not in its holdings.

GEX is allocated 10.88 percent to Tesla Motors (NasdaqGS: TSLA), and QCLN’s portfolio is 8.19 percent Tesla.

ICLN, on the other hand, has no allocation to the Silicon Valley-based electric luxury car manufacturer, which is a shame for ICLN, as Tesla has rocketed ahead of the competition with an astounding 427.4 percent total return year-to-date, according to Bloomberg data.


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