's ETF Awards Finalists

January 10, 2014

Lifetime Achievement Award

Awarded annually to one living individual for outstanding long-term contributions to ETF investor outcomes, whether from a position of media, regulation, product provider or investor.

David Abner: Dave Abner has educated a generation of ETF investors with his insightful books on exchange-traded funds, which many consider the best in the market. He continues that work with advisors and investors as he heads capital markets for WisdomTree.

John Bogle: John Bogle has been a tireless advocate for indexing and passive investing, and has advanced the cause of sensible, low-turnover, low-cost investing, saving investors countless billions.

Lee Kranefuss: Lee Kranefuss guided Barclays Global Investors into creating iShares, the first true “name brand” series of ETFs designed not just for institutions, but all investors. He spearheaded efforts to educate advisors on the value ETFs could bring to clients.

Kathleen Moriarty: Kathleen Moriarty helped build the very first ETFs, including SPY, solving many of the legal, regulatory and technical hurdles along the way. She continues to be a major source of innovation for her clients in the industry.

Gus Sauter: At Vanguard, Gus was responsible for bringing the Vanguard approach to investing into the ETF wrapper, patenting the share-class system still used by Vanguard ETFs today.


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