's ETF Awards Finalists

January 10, 2014




New ETF Issuer of the Year

Awarded to the most innovative new ETF issuer to enter the market in a given year. Issuers must have launched their first ETF in 2013.


Cambria Funds: Cambria Funds has been a subadvisor for ETFs for years, stepped into the limelight as an issuer with two successful “shareholder yield” funds that focus on stock selection with a cash-flow focus.

Horizons ETFs: Horizons ETFs is new to U.S.-listed ETFs, but well established as a global ETF issuer. It launched two new and arguably smarter covered-call strategies on the broad S&P 500 and on the financials sector.

KraneShares: KraneShares delivered the first pure-play China Internet fund and a timely fund targeting the China 5-Year Plan.


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