's ETF Awards Finalists

January 10, 2014

Index of the Year Awarded to the index that has done the most to provide new ways of considering investment strategies, opportunities or ideas.

Bloomberg Dollar Spot: Bloomberg identified a need for trade-weighted currency indexes, and launched the first commercial cap-weighted currency index.

FTSE Beyond BRIC: FTSE imagined new ways to draw distinctions within the emerging markets arena, maintaining its commitment to cap-weighting, and including the frontier markets.

MSCI Emerging Market IMI: This index vaulted to prominence when iShares launched IEMG in 2012, giving EM investors a straightforward, accessible way to invest in the full EM market-cap spectrum. It gained traction in 2013 as investors realized the value of adding small-caps to their EM exposure.

MSCI World with EM Exposure: MSCI’s economic exposure series go a long way toward clarifying sources of risk and return by revenue and business exposure, allowing users to make country-by-country investments with greater precision than they could using country of incorporation or country of listing.

S&P 500 Stock Covered Call: This is the first buy-write index that actually mimics the behavior of covered-call writers who are looking to generate income in exchange for some, but not all, of their holdings’ upside.


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