's ETF Awards Finalists

January 10, 2014



ETF Strategist of the Year

Awarded to the ETF strategist/ETF model portfolio provider who has done the most to improve investor outcomes in the previous year.


CLS Investments: CLS began using ETFs in the late 1990s and started emphasizing them as a core part of their business in 2002. It now manages more than $2 billion in ETF assets, and has built a sterling reputation as an active portfolio manager and ETF strategist in the space.

Good Harbor Financial: Good Harbor Financial is one of the fastest-growing ETF strategists, offering a global suite of tactical solutions designed to generate enhanced risk-adjusted returns. Its willingness to use complex products, including leveraged and inverse funds—but to use them intelligently—is just one distinguishing feature that separates them from the crowd.

Main Management: Led by the indefatigable Kim Arthur, Main Management has been a leader in the ETF market for the past decade. Arthur is a champion for the intelligent use of intelligent ETF strategies, including sector rotation and option-overlay strategies, and is a driving force in the industry.

Sage Advisory: Sage Advisory is widely recognized as the king of bond investing among ETF strategists, bringing institutional quality management to a wide variety of customers. Founded in 1996, Sage has more than a decade of experience in its tactical fixed-income and all-cap equity products.

Wealthfront Investment Management: Wealthfront represents a low-cost and radical challenge to traditional advisor services, offering high-quality, primarily ETF-focused portfolios to clients through an online-only experience. With solid, sensible portfolios managed by Burton Malkiel, Wealthfront charges $0 for the first $10,000 in assets and 0.25% per year above that.



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