Commodities Vs. Stocks

March 11, 2014

New daily feature will give quick-hit information for ETF investors.

"Market Intel" is's latest effort in our mission to empower investors with insightful and actionable information. Specifically, the purpose of Market Intel is to produce topical, bite-sized, visual (charts) pieces of information that link developing and current events to the world of ETFs. Much of the content will cover the following:

Exposure Breakdown: Whether it's a merger, a default, or a country declaring war, we will break down which ETFs have the greatest exposure to the day's current events.

Macro Developments: How is uncertainty in Ukraine affecting ETFs?

Economic Data: Which ETFs will be most impacted by today's economic releases?

Returns Explanations: Why does TAN regularly outperform its own underlying index?

Returns Recaps: The best- and worst-performing funds over recent time horizons.

Flows: Did you see the huge move into gold?

We kick off Market Intel today with a broader look at stocks and commodities.

Commodities Outperform Equities

After racing to record highs in 2013, equities are taking a breather this year. Meanwhile, commodities are surging. All major segments of the commodity market (except industrial metals) are outperforming the popular equity indices. Agriculture and livestock have seen the strongest performance, as the iPath Dow Jones UBS Agriculture ETN (JJA | B-88) and the iPath Dow Jones-UBS Livestock ETN (COW | B-84) have surged more than 15 percent in 2014. You can read more about these funds' exposure, performance and liquidity using the links below:


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