Japanese Growth Outlook & ETFs

April 30, 2014

Which ETF is best for accessing Japan's projected growth?

Market Intel - Capturing Japan

Today the Bank of Japan released its latest semiannual outlook on growth and prices. Investors are watching closely to assess the Bank of Japan's inclination toward further monetary easing, which has had a dramatic impact on the yen and ETF returns over the past two years.

BOJ CPI Estimates: 1.3 percent FY'2015; 1.9 percent FY'2016; 2.1 percent FY'2017

BOJ GDP Estimates: 1.1 percent FY'2015 (revised from 1.4 percent); 1.5 percent FY'2016

Each ETF approaches Japan differently. Check the fund reports for more: (DBJP | B-61), (DXJ | B-55), (EWJ | B-96)


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