Surveying Consumer Niche ETFs

July 18, 2014

Consider liquidity, though, before jumping in.

Consumer Niche ETFs

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With the unemployment rate ticking down and the economy heating up, consumption is a big theme in 2014. Investors broadly divide the consumer market into two groups: cyclicals and non-cyclicals (also called discretionary and staples, respectively).

Cyclicals refers to non-essential goods whose consumption depends heavily on the economic cycle—vacations, for example. In contrast, non-cyclicals are goods that people generally purchase in the same quantity regardless of the economic cycle—health care, for example.

Fortunately, a broad range of ETFs offer exposure to specific niches within each consumer sector. These are some of the most interesting:

Be careful though: Some of these ETFs are relatively illiquid, while others are unnecessarily complex. Check out the fund reports for more information.

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