'Like Kids in a Sandbox' - a note from the editors

August 31, 2003

IndexUniverse.com editors Schoenfeld and Wiandt explain their vision for this new website - and provide a glimpse of what to expect in the future.

Is the favorite pull-down on your Web browser loaded with links to market prices, quote pages, research links and discussion boards? Do you know the ticker symbols of at least a dozen ETFs by heart? If so, I'm afraid to say, you may be one of us. It takes a real indexing wonk to relish poring over spreadsheets full of market returns, valuations and correlations. We're not ashamed to admit that we do.

The two of us have long discussed our dream Web site, containing all the latest and best research and news about everything we're most interested in, without all the fillers. Also included on the menu is a wealth of data on indexes covering U.S. & global equities, fixed-income securities, commodities, currencies, and every associated product under the sun. Now top it all off with sharp market commentary combined with intelligent discussion forums. And oh yes, spreadsheets, lots of spreadsheets.

The Web has grown dramatically in the indexing world, and a broad array of quality research and data is already available across the sprawling expanse of Web real estate. Our idea is simply to bring it all-and much more-into one comprehensive site, IndexUniverse.com. We've set out to make the site a market-watcher's nirvana of research and data, where everything is easy to find and updated in real time.

We both feel that because of its real-time flexibility and interactivity, the Internet holds tremendous potential for users of index products. While our publishing efforts thus far have largely been confined to the paper world of books and magazines, we've been getting the itch to 'go live' on the Web.

The genesis of this Web site is that of paper hitting the wire. Steven Schoenfeld needed a place to put the regularly updated appendix to his 600-page indexing tome. Jim Wiandt wanted a single electronic home for the publications he is involved with: the Journal of Indexes, Exchange-Traded Funds Report (ETFR), and Financial Advisor magazine. However, both envisioned a buzzing nexus of real-time index data, in-depth research, lively columns and interesting discussion. Enter IndexUniverse.com - the world of indexing . . . and beyond.



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