ETF Roundup: August 17

August 17, 2009


The Growth Of MSCI

In case you missed it over the weekend, Barron's had an interesting look at the growth of MSCI Inc., the Morgan Stanley spinoff index provider.

Here's a neat factoid contained in the story: Some 90% of foreign equities held by U.S. money managers are now benchmarked to MSCI indexes.

You can read the story here.


Commodity Trading Funds Suffering This Year

In this excellent look at alternative managed futures funds, Jeff Benjamin of InvestmentNews takes a look at how portfolios such as the Direxion Commodity Trends Strategy Fund (DXCTX) are doing this year.

The index mutual fund, along with its peers, had a banner 2008 but aren't holding up as well against the broader market this year, according to the article.

You can read it here.


VIX Not The Contrarian Indicator It Once Was?

Another Barron's story showing up today online looks at how the once-standard use of the VIX as a contrarian indicator seems to have changed.

You can read the story here.


MainStay Equity Index Fund: No Free Lunch?

In this column at by Chuck Jaffe, the MainStay Equity Index Fund is scrutinized for its cost structure and eye-raising claims.

You can read the story here.





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