When I Grow Up, I Want To Be A Financial Advisor

April 29, 2006

A new survey from Money magazine and Salary.com ranks “financial advisor” as the third best job in America.

Doctor?  Too stressful.

Lawyer? Too boring.

Financial Advisor … just right.

A new survey by Money magazine and Salary.com ranked "Financial Advisor" as the third best job in America. According to Money, only software engineers and college professors have it better.

The survey looked at nearly 26,000 workers and found that financial advisers enjoy a job that is "lucrative" but "people-friendly," and that allowed them to "use Wall Street skills without selling your soul." Advisers also got high marks for being in a growth industry: As corporate pension plans peter out and boomers near retirement, the sky's the limit for a good financial advisor.

Nothing's perfect, of course:  Compliance and regulation rules eat up your time and raise frustration levels.  But maybe that's better than worrying about tenure or putting in 100 hours a week working for Google.

Advisers had by far the best paying job among the top ten professions, with the average advisor pulling down $122,500 a year. And to think: All the while you are helping people meet their financial goals and realize their dreams.

One thing is clear: I'm in the wrong business.  "Writer" ranked just 25th in the survey.  Our jobs our too stressful, and our pay?  Don't even get me started.

The survey looked for growing industries with good pay (above $50,000/year), and considered earnings, advancement potential, stress levels, ease of entry, flexibility and creativity.

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