Barclays Debuts Emerging Market Bond Index

October 12, 2010

Barclays Capital, one of the largest global providers of inflation-linked bond products, is expanding its platform of government inflation-linked bond indexes with the launch of a more liquid version of its flagship inflation-linked emerging markets sovereign debt index.

The Emerging Markets Tradable Government Inflation-Linked Bond Index (EMTIL) is a subset of the company’s Emerging Markets Government Inflation-Linked Bond Index (EMGILB), the first comprehensive local-currency-issued government inflation-linked debt from developing nations first made available to investors in 2007.

The new benchmark strives to be more “tradable” than its parent by investing only in the most liquid bonds included in the larger index, with measures in place to ensure regional diversification, according to the company.

EMTIL adds another wrinkle to an extensive lineup of benchmarks Barclays provides that underscores not only growing investor demand for plays on global inflation trends, but also reflects the market’s enormous appetite for emerging market strategies.

"The EMTIL Index is a logical extension of our leading inflation-linked index family and underscores our commitment to offering index users a complete spectrum of Emerging Markets indices," Waqas Samad, Head of Index, Portfolio and Risk Solutions for Barclays Capital, said in a press release.

"Global debt managers, many of whom are already using Barclays Capital benchmarks for their fixed income assets, will benefit directly from the depth, expertise, and client solutions offered by our growing EM index platform."

EMTIL is a rule-based benchmark comprised of the most liquid local-currency bonds from various emerging markets inflation-linked issuers included in the company’s flagship index. Among them, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Turkey, South Africa, Poland and South Korea make the list.  The index will be rebalanced annually.


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