iShares Drafts Target Date Funds

April 20, 2011


iShares, BlackRock’s ETF arm and the world’s largest purveyor of ETFs, filed paperwork with the Securities and Exchange Commission to add two new funds to its series of S&P target date index funds that eye a vast array of retirement ages.

While no tickers or fees were disclosed in the filing, both the iShares S&P Target Date 2045 Index Fund and iShares S&P Target Date 2050 Index Fund extend the reach of the company's retirement-focused lineup.

The lineup of broad-based target date “funds of funds” is designed for investors “expecting to retire or to begin to gradually withdraw their money around such target dates,” according to the filing.

Both new funds, which will track a respective S&P benchmark through representative sampling, will comprise securities of other iShares funds that tap into everything from U.S. equities, to bonds, to international securities.

BlackRock Advisors is the advisor for the funds.

[Correction: A previous version of this story included ETFs already available. These have since been removed.]


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