Nvidia Stock ETFs Jump on ‘Rubin’ Next Gen AI

Nvidia Stock ETFs Jump on ‘Rubin’ Next Gen AI

Nvidia CEO Huang announces roadmap for new semiconductors.

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Nvidia Corp. stock ETFs rose sharply Monday as investors cheered the introduction of a new AI chip architecture from the world’s leader in artificial intelligence technology. 

Chief Executive Officer Jensen Huang delivered the keynote address Sunday to start this week’s COMPUTEX tech conference in Taipei where he introduced “Rubin,” Nvidia’s new artificial intelligence chip model. 

“Today, we’re at the cusp of a major shift in computing,” Huang said in his keynote. 

Leveraged exchange-traded funds betting on Nvidia, such as the GraniteShares 1.5x Long NVDA Daily ETF (NVDL) and the T-Rex 2X Long NVIDIA Daily Target ETF (NVDX) rose as much as 7% in early afternoon trading. 

Nvidia’s ‘Rubin’ AI Chip Architecture 

Nvidia's Rubin, slated for release in the first half of 2026, is their upcoming line of next generation graphics processing units (GPUs), which power or optimize a range of artificial intelligence applications, including generative AI, self-driving cars, robotics and gaming PCs.  

Here’s what we know about Rubin so far: 

  • Successor to Blackwell: Rubin is set to succeed Nvidia's current generation of chips, the Blackwell architecture, which was announced in March and is still in production. 
  • Focus on performance: According to Nvidia’s blog, the combination of GPUs and CPUs can deliver up to a 100x speedup while only increasing power consumption by a factor of three, achieving 25x more performance per Watt over CPUs alone. 
  • Named after astronomer: The name "Rubin" is a tribute to American astronomer Vera Rubin, known for her pioneering work on galaxy rotation rates. 

Nvidia’s ‘One-Year Rhythm’ of Accelerating AI 

Huang also built investor enthusiasm and anticipation for Nvidia’s potential growth in the future as he explained the company’s roadmap for new semiconductors.  

“Our company has a one-year rhythm. Our basic philosophy is very simple: build the entire data center scale, disaggregate and sell to you parts on a one-year rhythm, and push everything to technology limits,” Huang explained. 

NVDA’s price continues to defy gravity, as the $2.7 trillion stock has rocketed 200% in the past year and is up 27% in the past month, even after some investors questioned its high valuation, which is a lofty 64, according to Y Charts. Nvidia stock ETFs, led by the 2x leveraged NVDX, are up as much as 340% this year.

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