Vanguard: Client Focus Drives ETF Growth

Samuel Martinez says Vanguard's commitment to client needs drives product innovation.


Vanguard, a leading issuer of exchange-traded funds, continues to experience impressive growth, and according to Samuel Martinez, Head of Fixed Income Index and ETF Product at Vanguard, it all comes down to a singular focus: the client.

In an interview for, Martinez emphasizes that Vanguard prioritizes offering "the right products at the right price point" to meet investor needs across various asset classes. This philosophy, encompassing actively managed and index funds, fixed income and equity options, and global markets, positions Vanguard for continued success alongside its clients.

Market share growth, Martinez explains, is a natural consequence of this client-centric approach. Vanguard meticulously evaluates each product based on its long-term value proposition for investors and its competitive edge within the market. This meticulous selection ensures "great outcomes" for both Vanguard and its clients.

When asked about the firm’s specific areas for future ETF strategies, Martinez assures that Vanguard is constantly analyzing the evolving landscape to identify opportunities that provide value to investors. Their current product line reflects this commitment, with a focus on selectivity and ensuring a presence in categories most relevant to client needs.

Vanguard's dedication to client success is further validated by their recent award nominations for the 2024 Awards. The firm was nominated for the “ETF Education Provider of the Year” award and the Vanguard Short-Term Tax-Exempt ETF (VTES) also received a nomination and ultimately won the title for the “Best New U.S. Fixed Income ETF” category. While these recognitions are appreciated, Martinez reiterates that client success remains the top priority.  "As long as our clients are successful," he states, "we don't mind enjoying some accolades alongside that."