Bullish European and Japanese Exporters, Bearish Euro and Yen?

This event has been accredited by IFP for 1 hours of structured CPD.

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This event has been accredited by IFP for 1 hours of structured CPD.

In this WisdomTree Europe webinar we are demystifying Smart Beta ETFs by focusing on how WisdomTree builds ETFs around dividend-based and currency-hedged equity investment strategies. Key discussion points focus on how European investors can gain exposure to European and Japanese equity markets while taking out euro and yen exchange rate risk when investing in HEDJ and DXI, WisdomTree's two flagship ETFs. Amongst the more detailed subjects discussed includes the methodology around non-market cap weighted index construction, export-tilted stock baskets, the risk-return characteristics and the cost of hedging.

Join Viktor Nossek, Director of Research at WisdomTree Europe, as he demystifies Smart Beta ETFs.

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