Developed Markets ETFs and Their Many Recipes

ETFs and developed markets go together like peas and carrots.

Head of ETF Product Management
Reviewed by: Richard F. Powers
Edited by: Richard F. Powers

ETFs and developed markets go together like peas and carrots. A growing taste for non-U.S. equities and their concomitant risk and return benefits for a total portfolio have led more investors to consider developed markets ETFs. With more choices than ever, finding the right ETF for the right exposure is no easy task.

Join Inside ETFs and Vanguard as we discuss why investors have turned to the developed markets, why ETFs are the ideal investment tool, and why your due diligence matters more than you think. This 60-minute webinar will highlight the key differences in these ETFs, the evolution of the developed markets, and how one ETF has flown under the radar while growing to become one of the largest funds in the industry.

Richard Powers is head of ETF Product Management at Vanguard. His team conducts surveillance of competitor products and positioning, meeting with clients and prospects to discuss Vanguard’s ETF lineup, publishing on noteworthy developments in the ETF marketplace and Vanguard lineup, and supporting ETF education initiatives. Powers earned his undergraduate degree in finance from Shippensburg University and his MBA in investment management from Drexel University.