A Focus on the ‘S’ in ESG: Socially Conscious Investing

March 20, 2018

As advisers evaluate their equity market holdings, many investors are looking to socially conscious ETFs to provide exposure that does more than just track the market. In this upcoming webinar, Dave Nadig, Managing Director of ETF.com, sits down with Richard Cea of InsightShares to tease out the best practices in Socially Responsible Investing.

  • Socially Conscious Investing 101: what it is, what it isn’t and why it matters
  • Thinking about Socially Responsible Investing from a “factor” perspective, looking at diversity, working conditions, charitable activities
  • The difference between excluding the bad vs. emphasizing the good in portfolio construction
  • Comprehensive analysis of social factors such as diversity and how they impact company performance

Don’t miss this deep dive into one of the hottest investment topics of 2018. Continuing education credit available.

Moderator: Dave Nadig

Speaker: Richard Cea

Duration: 60 minutes

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