Upcoming Webinar: Gold ETFs on the Leaderboard

etf.com Senior ETF Analyst Sumit Roy will host the upcoming webinar and dive into the world of gold ETFs

Don’t count out gold. Despite being overshadowed by bitcoin, the price of gold has surged this year, pushing gold exchange-traded funds to record levels. Indeed, gold ETFs still have a lead in total assets under management compared to spot bitcoin ETFs, and there is a strong case to be made that the precious metal belongs in investors’ portfolios.

Hosted by etf.com’s Senior Analyst Sumit Roy, our panelists include financial professionals that’ll dive into the reasons behind gold ETFs’ enduring popularity and gain insights into the supply and demand dynamic of precious metal. They include Joe Cavatoni, Market Strategist, World Gold Council; Bob Elliott, Co-Founder, CEO & CIO of Unlimited Funds; and Jeremy Schwartz, Global Chief Investment Officer for WisdomTree.  

Highlights of the discussion will include how the macroeconomic environment will affect investment portfolios, what asset classes look most competitive in this environment and where opportunities are being created by Fed monetary policy.

Don't miss out on this crucial discussion. Secure your spot for the webinar being held at 2 p.m., May 21 and dive into the reasons behind gold ETFs’ enduring popularity while gaining insights into the supply and demand dynamics of this precious metal. Attendees will earn 1 CE credit. Sign up now.  

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