India ETFs Top Weekly Returns

May 16, 2014

A newly elected, pro-business prime minister has India-related ETFs popping.

All eyes were on India-focused ETFs in the week ending Thursday, May 15, as the country elected a new pro-business prime minister. Funds serving up exposure to Indian equities tacked on gains upward of 11 percent in the past five days.

That performance is particularly impressive considering that the S&P 500 was practically unchanged in the week. The SPDR S&P 500 (SPY | A-99) actually bled 0.26 percent in the same five-day period ended Thursday, May 15.

The EGShares India Infrastructure ETF (INXX | F-27) gained 11.2 percent in the past week, leading a group of eight India-focused ETFs that topped our tally of top weekly returns. The performance reflects bullish sentiment surrounding the election of prime minister Narendra Modi, a politician whose pro-business stance is widely seen as a boon to potential growth for the world’s largest democracy.

On the flip side, commodity-related ETFs experienced losses.

The worst-performing exchange-traded product was the Elements MLCX Biofuels Total Return ETN (FUE | D-60), which slipped 9.8 percent in the week. The federal government’s decision to keep unchanged the level of biodiesel it requires to be blended into regular gasoline and diesel for the next two years helped pressure the fund.

The ruling upset biodiesel producers, who had hoped for increased mandates by as much as 50 percent.

Top 10 Weekly Performers, Excluding Leverage/Inverse Funds and <1,000 Shares Traded

Ticker Name Weekly Performance Weekly Volume AUM ($, mm)
INXX EGShares India Infrastructure 11.17% 390,563 21.44
SCIN EGShares India Small Cap 8.56% 353,208 17.84
EPI WisdomTree India Earnings 7.61% 32,968,482 1,153.14
INDY iShares India 50 7.31% 1,759,882 541.16
PIN PowerShares India 6.86% 4,752,420 428.20
INDA iShares MSCI India 6.81% 4,334,409 817.18
INP iPath MSCI India ETN 6.63% 345,141 383.85
KWEB KraneShares CSI China Internet 6.02% 371,265 65.82
TDX db X-trackers In-Target Date 5.93% 1,351 11.65
SCIF Market Vectors India Small-Cap 5.82% 1,261,421 244.15

Bottom 10 Weekly Performers, Excluding Leverage/Inverse Funds and <1,000 Shares Traded

Ticker Name Weekly Performance Weekly Volume AUM ($, mm)
FUE ELEMENTS MLCX Biofuels Total Return ETN -9.79% 23,184 1.01
GREK Global X FTSE Greece 20 -9.32% 3,014,635 188.37
WEAT Teucrium Wheat -7.72% 123,183 12.48
DCNG iPath Pure Beta Seasonal Natural Gas ETN -7.18% 2,939 7.69
PGAL Global X FTSE Portugal 20 -7.05% 69,132 24.33
EWI iShares MSCI Italy Capped -6.15% 31,405,476 1,411.83
GRU ELEMENTS MLCX Grains - Total Return ETN -5.86% 28,995 7.39
CORN Teucrium Corn -5.75% 830,136 97.28
EIRL iShares MSCI Ireland Capped -5.69% 516,094 170.10
JJN iPath Dow Jones-UBS Nickel Total Return ETN -5.60% 392,800 16.84

Disclaimer: All data as of 6 a.m. Eastern time the date the article is published. Data is believed to be accurate; however, transient market data is often subject to subsequent revision and correction by the exchanges.

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