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Swedroe: Effective Fund Comparison

It’s not enough to just look at factor loadings.

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Top 10 ETFs Since Trump's Surprise Victory

Markets surged in the month since the election. Here are the ETFs that have outperformed.

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5 Best Performing Bull Run Equity ETFs

Since the U.S. stock market bottomed seven years ago, these equity ETFs have risen sharply. Analysis

Picking The Best Growth/Value ETFs

As part of our regular review of Analyst Picks, we’ve changed our thinking on growth and value.

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This Bull Market’s 10 Best Performing ETFs

These funds showed the best returns during this six-year bull run.

Journal Of Indexes

Cloning DFA

Achieving DFA-style performance with ETFs.

Index Investor Corner

Swedroe: Understanding Small Value ETFs

When it comes to isolating the small-value factor, sometimes a higher expense ratio is justifiable.

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Hot 'Smart Beta' ETFs

Here are some noncap-weighted funds that are outperforming.

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Rydex ETFs To Get Guggenheim Name

It’s official: Rydex ETFs will have the Guggenheim name from March 1.