Matt Hougan’s Top 3 ETF Picks For 2014

Hougan’s top picks for 2014 are as varied as they are interesting. Analysis

Nadig's Top 3 ETF Picks For 2014

Who knew GDX would be among Dave’s top ETF picks for next year? Analysis

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Weekly ETF Returns: India Small-Caps Stumble

India-focused ETF SCIN slid 9.99 percent in the week ending Thursday, while markets ended on a high note.

ETF Report

 Comparing Agribusiness ETFs

The Market Vectors Agribusiness ETF (NYSE Arca: MOO) is a monster. With $3.6 billion in net flows over the past 12 months, the ETF has helped define a growing segment of the market, offering investors skittish about commodities futures easier exposure to agriculture producers. Analysis

Niche ETFs May Not Be Doomed

It surprises me how esoteric some funds are these days. But the success of some of these niche sector funds surprises me too.