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What Microsoft’s Downbeat Outlook Means for Tech ETFs

The company suggested tech spending would continue to decelerate next quarter.

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Cloud Computing Strength Doesn’t Extend to Cloud ETFs

Smaller cloud computing companies may offer more attractive valuations for investors.

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Thematic ETFs To Tap Netflix Earnings

The stock has significant weighting in thematic ETFs tied to everything from media to cloud computing.

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Best & Worst Performing Tech ETFs Of 2021

There’s been a sharp divergence in performance between the best- and worst-performing tech ETFs in 2021.

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Hawkish Fed Dents Tech Stocks, Not Bonds

High-growth stocks fell on expectations of rate hikes; Treasurys are unconvinced.

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Delta Variant’s Impact On ETFs

The spread of the delta variant could be bad news for some ETFs while being a boon for others.

Daily ETF Watch

Global X Launches 6 Options Based ETFs

The ETF issuer launched six funds that use options to limit equity risk.

ETF.com Analysis

Cloud Computing ETF Trend Continuing

Three ETFs offer different angles on the same theme.


ETF Working Lunch: What’s New In ETFs

Joining us is Lois Gregson, FactSet senior ETF analyst.