Weekly ETF Flows

ETFs Barely Break Even In Turbulent Week

U.S.-listed ETFs gained just $430.8 million in net flows last week.

Monthly ETF Flows

ETFs Lose $6B In April

A swirl of economic head winds led to the first monthly outflow since August 2019.

Features and News

Sector ETFs Turn Focus To Earnings Slowdown

Corporate earnings growth is expected to have decelerated during the first quarter.

Weekly ETF Flows

ETFs Lose $11B Last Week

It’s the worst week for ETF flows since September 2021.

Weekly ETF Flows

ETFs Add $18.7B In Return To Form

U.S. equities and commodities spurred a recovery in the second week of war in Ukraine.

Weekly ETF Flows

ETFs Bounce Back With $19B Gain On Week

‘SPY’ added almost $4.7 billion after weeks of outflows.

Weekly ETF Flows

ETFs Gain $2.6B As Russia Rattles Markets

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has weekly flows at nearly neutral.

Monthly ETF Flows

ETFs End Jan. With $37B Inflows

But ‘SPY’ and ‘QQQ’ combined lost more than $24 billion in assets.

Weekly ETF Flows

ETFs Start 2022 With $24B In Flows

The broad market equity funds just keep charging on.