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Are Precious Metals ETFs Broken?

Price manipulation happens in the precious metals markets. But ETF investors probably can't tell. 

Features and News

Huge YTD Flows Into 2 Gold ETFs

Market volatility and worries about inflation had investors seeking these two safe havens.

ETF Strategist Corner

3 Smart Beta Ways To Own Gold

There are more options than just owning a physically backed gold fund.

ETF.com Analysis

ETFs Made Easy: Tax Loss Harvesting

Offsetting gains with losses is an exercise that can save on your taxes.

ETF.com Analysis

3 ETF Tax Tips While There’s Still Time

You’ve got eight weeks left to get smart with your mutual funds and ETFs.

ETF.com Analysis

Last-Minute Tax Tips For ETF Investors

If you hold one of these popular ETFs, you may have some great opportunities to lower your tax bill.

ETF.com Analysis

Gold ETF Returns Show Huge Disparity

In the recent gold plunge, not all ETFs are equal.

Weekly ETF Flows

Weekly ETF Fund Flows: US Equities Shine

SPY, IVV lead a pack of U.S. equities ETFs up as the Dow broke through records.