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Behind Currency Hedged Emerging Market ETFs

Currency-hedged emerging market ETFs aren't nearly as popular as classic total market funds, but they're sure delivering this year.

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ETF Watch: Transamerica Debuts 4 Funds

Each new ETF allocates assets among three indexes.

Features and News

Markets In 2015: It Could’ve Been Worse

We take a look at which segments of the market outperformed and underperformed.

Features and News

Emerging Markets' Steep Spiral Hits ETFs

China isn't the only reason emerging market ETFs have been plunging.


Podcast: New ETF Launchpad - September 2014

Dennis Hudachek and Paul Britt review two funds: the iShares Currency Hedged MSCI Emerging Markets (HEEM), a currency-hedged take on emerging markets; and the Deep Value ETF (DVP), a very selective value play.

ETF.com Analysis

Currency Hedged ETFs Not Created Equal

High interest rates in emerging markets are paid, not earned, for currency-hedged ETFs like HEEM and DBEM.