ETF Strategist Corner

Funds Of Funds Make Sense For ETF Investors

They may seem convoluted, but there are good reasons for using them. 

ETF Report

 Bold Strategic Beta In Bond Land

Strategic beta bond funds offer everyday investors increasingly precise tools, but you need to know how they work. Analysis

Strategically Balanced: iShares’ New ETF

An inside look at iShares’ new $75 million ‘smart beta’ bond ETF.

Daily ETF Watch

Daily ETF Watch: DBC Creations Halted

PowerShares suspends a bevy of ETFs and ETNs that it jointly markets with Deutsche Bank.


Podcast: New ETF Launchpad: April 2014

Dennis Hudachek and Paul Britt discuss five noteworthy April ETF launches: CN, BCHP, BYLD, QAT & UAE

ETF Watch

ETF Watch: 'Yield Optimized' ETF Debuts

iShares rolls out fund-of-funds bond ETF.