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Regional Bank ETFs Jump as Contagion Fears Cool

Ackman tweets local bank funds, shares are ‘incredible bargain’ after Monday’s meltdown.

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Regional Bank ETFs Battered as SVB Fallout Spreads

State Street’s KRE, iShares' IAT plummeted amid bank closures, government scrambling.

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SVB’s Collapse Hit Banking ETFs

The biggest bank failure since the financial crisis reverberated across the industry.

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Bank ETFs Get A Boost

As inflation drives long-term yields higher, bank ETFs have benefited.

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ETF Of The Week: Regional Banking ETF 'KRE'

This fund's small banks stand to benefit most from Congress' Dodd-Frank rollback.

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ETF Watch: FlexShares MBS Fund Debuts

FlexShares rolls out ETF targeting mortgage-backed securities; Direxion to close five funds.

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Daily ETF Watch: New iShares Fees, Tickers

iShares alters tickers, expense ratios on several funds.

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Choosing A Regional Banking ETF

Traditional depository institutions are the way to play rising rates, but which ETFs are the best way to invest in them?

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Regional Bank ETFs for Financial Sector Exposure

Regional bank ETFs are seen as one of the best ways to gain exposure to the recently booming financial sector in the U.S. stock market, as they reflect local trends and real opportunities to diversify, according to an article on ETF Trends.

The following ETFs are worth examining, as the number and size of their holdings can provide proper exposure to market volatility within the sector: