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ETF Odds & Ends: Regents Park Adds Hedged Fund

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Hot Reads: Bulls Stampede Into Asia Pacific ETFs

Also, Fed leaves rates unchanged.

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ETF Investors Loved Vanilla Funds In 2014

Broad-based, cap-weighted funds ceded no ground to strategic beta last year.

Journal Of Indexes

Deconstructing ‘Smart Beta’

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Smart Beta 3: Sinking Noncap Weighting

If you thought smart beta means not cap-weighted, think again.

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 The Myth Of ETF Transparency

Ask anyone for the top five advantages of ETFs and you’ll get a familiar list: Lower fees. Better tax efficiency. Intraday liquidity. Market coverage. Transparency.

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 Choosing Among Emerging Markets ETFs

Emerging markets are no longer considered a fringe asset class. Rather, they’re now accepted as a core part of any standard portfolio. The emerging markets ETFs space is currently dominated by two similar offerings from Vanguard and BlackRock, both of which track the same index. However, there are a number of alternatives—some of them quite new—that might hold appeal for investors with specific goals or needs.

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McCall’s Call: Emerging Markets Come Of Age

Emerging markets have gone from the bastion of the boldest to an important piece of every portfolio and, like it often is in the world of ETFs, there are plenty of funds to choose from.

Features and News

Surviving Bloody Monday In Emerging Markets

CIOs say stock carnage points to importance of diligently managing risk and keeping hype touting maturity of developing markets in perspective.