Stay On Sidelines With BRIC Funds

With the Russian ruble down almost 30 percent this year and India stocks at all-time highs, the divergence in the group is unsettling.

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2014 Definitive Guide To China ETFs

The rise of RQFII ETFs means it's time to prepare for more innovation from China and broad emerging market ETFs.

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EEB Adds Russia, China Exposure

Guggenheim tweaks its exposure to emerging markets at a challenging time for these countries.

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Guggenheim To Offer ASEAN-Leaders ETF

The firm behind the BulletShares ETFs is diving into Southeast Asia.

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EEB, BBRC To Change Indexes

With the bloom off the rose in emerging markets, two fund firms are tinkering with their strategies.

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The Complete Guide To Chinese Share Classes

A host of Chinese share classes make it clear that the devil really is in the details for foreigners investing in the Middle Kingdom. Analysis

The World's Most Misleading ETF Names

Sometimes the name of an ETF doesn’t mean what you’d think it does. Analysis

Currency-Hedged BRIC ETFs?

The BRIC currencies have taken it on the chin in the past year, and ETF investors need to have the tools to manage that risk.