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Utility ETFs Have Varying Voltage

Don’t be fooled by a ‘boring’ sector: Your choice of investment could depend on some key differences.

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Biggest Multifactor ETF Owners: Issuers

Most of the flows into 2019's most popular multifactor ETFs are coming from inside the house.

Weekly ETF Flows

The Year’s ETF Inflows Near $80B

A midweek sell-off in U.S. stocks didn’t stop investors from putting more money to work in U.S.-listed ETFs.

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Top ETFs In The Best Performing Sector

Investors have more than a dozen ETFs to choose from to get exposure to 2016's best-performing stock market sector.

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 Sectors In Review

Basic materials surged during the month, while the energy sector lagged behind.

Monthly ETF Flows

Feb. Flows Show 3 Clear ETF Trends

Investors returned to junk bonds after piling into gold and Treasurys early in February.

Weekly ETF Flows

Equity ETFs Top Flows Despite Turmoil

A huge inflow into 'SPY' helped propel total U.S.-listed ETF flows into the positive for the week ending Thursday, Feb. 11. Analysis

The FV Shuffle: Giant ETF Trades? No Problem!

For all the hype, here’s an example of an ETF working just as it should.

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4 Market Surprises So Far This Year

Sometimes the market does its own thing, regardless of what we thought would happen.