Picking The Best Growth/Value ETFs

As part of our regular review of Analyst Picks, we’ve changed our thinking on growth and value. Analysis

2014’s Top Alpha ETFs: Leaders & Laggards

Be careful what you wish for: Most of the U.S. ETFs that delivered alpha had risk-adjusted underperformance, not outperformance.

Features and News

Rydex ETFs To Get Guggenheim Name

It’s official: Rydex ETFs will have the Guggenheim name from March 1.

Features and News

Rydex Adds 2 Equal-Weight S&P Equity ETFs

Rydex, building on success of RSP, serves up equal-weighted S&P MidCap and SmallCap ETFs.

Daily ETF Flows

Daily ETF Flows: XOP Pulls In $386 Million

XOP led creations on Tuesday, July 5, with a 63 percent jump in assets.

ETF Report

 Survival Of The Fittest?

With another round of closures hitting the growing yet overflowing exchange-traded funds marketplace, an obvious conclusion is that the weakest investments will be first to fall by the wayside.

ETF Report

 Rydex style ETFs trade

Rydex Investments' six new style ETFs offering exposure to growth and value across large-, mid- and small-caps began trading on the Amex in early March.