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JP Morgan Launching Managed Futures ETF

Fund is latest addition to its alternatives lineup.

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2017's Big ETF Predictions

Daily ETF Watch

Daily ETF Watch: iShares Debuts Div Fund

iShares is rolling out an international dividend growth ETF today.

Daily ETF Watch

Daily ETF Watch: 9 iShares Funds Launch

ETF powerhouse debuts multifactor sectors.

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A Newcomer Takes On The World Of ETFs

The arrival of New York Life to the world of ETFs suggest a bright-bright future for the exchange-traded fund.

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Digging Into The World Of Liquid Alt ETFs

With the focus on “liquid alts” intensifying, it’s time for a deeper dive in a complex category.

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 Digging Into Liquid Alts

These funds are not created equally, which creates a bigger need for due diligence.

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ETF Watch: ProShares’ Managed Futures Fund

ProShares rolls out its own managed futures ETF.

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A Well Timed Managed Futures ETF Launches

New ETF aims for a safer alternative when it comes to managed futures.