Unpacking The Crypto ETF Dilemma

November 17, 2021

Webinar Description

The SEC rejected another spot bitcoin ETF on Friday, maintaining its skepticism about crypto despite its approval of a pair of bitcoin futures ETFs in October. Those ETFs have been a resounding success, pulling in more than $1 billion in assets in record time. The crypto ETF space has never been more active—or confusing.

Listen to our roundtable of advisors and industry experts tackle some of the biggest questions we’re facing as we navigate this quickly changing space, including:

  • Do we need crypto ETFs in the U.S., or do we just want them?
  • What problem does a crypto ETF solve? Is it about better access, risk management, model implementation, or advice itself?
  • Which is better: a physical or futures crypto ETF? What’s at stake with each choice?
  • What are investors’ most pressing questions about crypto? Where can advisors offer the most value?


Matt Hougan, Chief Investment Officer @Bitwise
Tim McCourt, Managing Director & Global Head, Equity Products and Alternative Investments @CME Group
Ric Edelman, Founder @Digital Assets Council of Financial Professionals
Sumit Roy, Crypto Editor & Data Analyst @ETF.com