Leveraged And Short ETFs: Separating Fact From Fiction

Leveraged and short exchange-traded funds have emerged as some of the most popular trading tools in Europe.


Advanced Fixed Income: Not Your Grandfathers Bonds

Index Publications' Managing Director of ETF Analytics Matt Hougan pulls back the covers of the modern bond market to analyze various types of asset classes. This includes a breakdown of differences in correlations, returns and risk management, among others.





Emerging Markets, Emerging Core?

Once seen as a fringe asset class, emerging markets today are powering economic growth and providing a critical source of returns for investor portfolios. In this one-hour webinar, IndexUniverse.com Editor and global ETF expert Matt Hougan examines the case for increasing a portfolio's baseline exposure to emerging markets, and argues that most investors systematically underweight emerging markets.





Getting Leverage/Going Short

IndexUniverse.com's Matt Hougan examines leveraged and inverse ETFs, including how they work, what returns you can expect and when—and when not—to use such funds in a portfolio.

Joining him in the roundtable discussion are:

*Louis Stanasolovich, CEO and president of Legend Financial Advisors

*Dan O’Neill, president and CIO of DirexionShares


Rob Arnott: Better Off With Bonds?

In a follow-up to his popular Journal of Indexes article 'Bonds: Why Bother?,' Research Affiliates founder Rob Arnott partnered with IndexUniverse.com for a live webinar examining where investors should be looking for opportunity today.