Fundamental Index Series: A Diversified Approach to Smart Beta

October 21, 2014

The Fundamental Index® methodology was one of the first widely adopted smart-beta approaches in the market. Ten years later, growing investor adoption has led to significant proliferation in smart-beta choices. In this increasingly diverse landscape, where does the Fundamental Index methodology fit, and is it still relevant?

Listen as, Russell Indexes and Schwab Center for Financial Research explore the unique role of the Fundamental Index approach in the larger smart-beta universe, as well as new application of this tested methodology. This 60-minute webinar will highlight the benefits, diversification and array of choices available via the Russell Fundamental Index Series, including the recent introduction of the Russell Fundamental Global Select Real Estate Index Series. Topics will include:

  • The smart-beta landscape through the lens of an index provider
  • Fundamental Index methodology and outcomes
  • Global economic growth and the place of real estate in diversified portfolios

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