The Power of Active in Passive

December 12, 2013

Since their inception, ETFs have often been considered a low-cost means for obtaining broad market exposure. However, as ETFs and passive investment vehicles continue to segment the market, the ways in which they can be utilized continues to grow. Whether tilting toward market exposures through combinations of cap-weighted products, or gaining factor exposure with alternatively weighted products, ETFs have blurred the lines between passive and active management.

Listen as IndexUniverse and Vanguard examined how many investors are using passive exposures to reduce manager risk, fill strategic gaps and gain more control of portfolio construction. Additional topics covered include:

  • The consequences of unintended exposures and style drift
  • How adding index investments can temper risk
  • How passive ETFs have transformed the sources of active management
  • Best practices for using ETFs in active as well as passive portfolios


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