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How To Manage Market Volatility With Macro-Themed ETFs

Increased volatility in 2018 and macro uncertainty, which has affected a large swath of asset classes, has investors looking for new solutions. Can macro-themed ETFs provide a way for investors to take advantage of relative-value strategies in the medium term?

December 21, 2018


Is 2019 the Year for Emerging Markets and China?

This year, emerging market (EM) assets have witnessed a large sell-off due to many factors, such as the growing strength of the dollar, trade war tensions and their impact on the global economy. However, Chinese markets were spared the worst of the sell-offs, and have shown more resilience than smaller EM countries. Some EM analysts see the dip as a major investment opportunity, and many exchange-traded fund investors continue to invest into the developing economies.

December 12, 2018


iShares Factor Webinar Series: Part 3

Sara Shores CFA, Head of Investment Strategy for the Factor-Based Strategy Group 
Joseph Nelesen PhD, iShares Smart Beta Strategist for Institutional and Latin America 

November 08, 2018