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Our ETF education channel lists the more educational content on our site. But to learn more about ETFs, you should visit our ETF University.

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Total ETF Costs?

Expense ratios aren't the only factor affecting your total cost of owning ETFs.

ETF Report

ETF Education: June 2019

If you’re trading ETFs, you should know how spreads and volume work.

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How To Know What’s In Your ETF

Our free tools and resources can help with your due diligence efforts.

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ETF Trading

Putting together the ETF trading puzzle can be tricky. Here are some tips to help put it together. 

ETF Strategist Corner

Factor ETFs For Diversification Or ‘Diworsification’?

It hasn’t been easy to be a factor-based investor, and the outlook is unclear.

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What's Smart Beta?

Don't let all the buzzwords confuse you ... Analysis

Welcome To The ETF Journey

Education is the key to any new endeavor, and we’re here to help.

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ETF Creation & Redemption

Creating and redeeming ETFs is the secret sauce to what makes ETFs so great. 

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Bond ETFs Vs Bond Mutual Funds

What's the practical difference between the two instruments?