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Dissecting An Abysmal First Half Of 2022

Exchange Traded FridaysJuly 01, 2022

It was a rough six months any way you measure it.

ETF Launches Outpace First Half Of 2021

Heather BellJuly 01, 2022

While new funds are surpassing last year’s record-setting pace, they have slowed in recent months.

ETF Odds & Ends: An Active Week

Heather BellJuly 01, 2022

Despite it being a week before a holiday, the ETF industry didn’t slow down.

Defensive & Diversifying Strategies In 2022

Nicolas RabenerJuly 01, 2022

What worked and what hasn’t.

Investors Rotating Into Longer Duration US Treasury Bond ETFs

Tom EckettJuly 01, 2022

Move comes amid recession fears, predictions the Fed will halt its tightening cycle at a lower level than market expectations.

Hot Reads: The Worst First Half In Over 50 Years StaffJuly 01, 2022

Meanwhile, bitcoin is looking at its worst quarterly decline in a decade.

Grayscale Sues SEC Over Blocked Bitcoin ETF

Sumit RoyJune 30, 2022

The crypto provider sued the regulator following a decision to block the conversion of a bitcoin trust fund.

Uranium ETFs Could See Growing Demand

Heather BellJune 30, 2022

Two sizable ETFs offer exposure to the uranium space.

Worst Performing ETFs Of The Year

Sumit RoyJune 29, 2022

These funds have fallen most in the first half of 2022.

Rob Arnott: Inflation To Hit 10% By 2023

Heather BellJune 28, 2022

The famed economist is not optimistic about the possibility of reining in prices in the near future.

Daily ETF Watch

BondBloxx Adds Emerging Market Bond ETF

Heather BellJune 30, 2022

The issuer focuses on fixed income products.

Ionic Capital Launches New Inflation ETF

Heather BellJune 29, 2022

The fund is designed to produce positive returns in an inflationary environment.

NightShares Launches After-Hours ETFs

Heather BellJune 28, 2022

The funds hold futures contracts to capture the overnight movement of the S&P 500 and Russell 2000.

Filings Highlights: Solutions For A Recession

Heather BellJune 27, 2022

The latest roster of filings looks like a list of ways to invest during an unfavorable environment.

Bitcoin & Crypto

Digital Assets See Record $423M In Outflows Last Week

James ButterfillJune 27, 2022

Short bitcoin saw inflows of $15 million.

Diving Into The Short Bitcoin ETF

Steven Orlowski June 24, 2022

The value of cryptocurrencies may have not hit rock bottom.

Does Crypto Have Deep Structural Inadequacies?

Will McCurdyJune 23, 2022

The Bank for International Settlements has made cutting criticisms about the viability of cryptocurrencies.

Short Bitcoin ETF Debuts At Best—Or Worst—Time

Sumit RoyJune 22, 2022

BITI joins BITO within the ProShares’ bitcoin futures ETF lineup.


Wild Ride For Crypto & The Bond Market

Exchange Traded FridaysJune 24, 2022

A look at what different assets are doing amid the market turmoil.

ETF Working Lunch: Direct Indexing In Perspective

ETF Working LunchJune 21, 2022

FTSE Russell's Avita Sukhram discusses her career path, obstacles along the way and how she views direct indexing.

A Bigger Rate Hike Than Expected

Exchange Traded FridaysJune 17, 2022

The Fed hiked rates by 75 basis points rather than the 50 it had telegraphed.

Inflation Up 8.6% In May

Exchange Traded FridaysJune 10, 2022 writers and editors discuss the latest inflation news and possible crypto legislation.

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