Micro-cap ETF Overview

Micro-cap ETFs invest in the equity of the smallest firms (typically less than $300 million). The iShares Micro Cap ETF is the largest and most liquid choice. These ETFs are part of the ETF.com market segment:

Daily ETF Watch

Invesco Completes ETF Closure Wave

After multiple acquisitions, issuer has shut down 18 of its ETFs.


Daily ETF Watch

Invesco Plans 19 ETF Closures

Shutdowns slated for February 2019.

Journal Of Indexes

Cloning DFA

Achieving DFA-style performance with ETFs.

ETF.com Analysis

Rethinking Small Cap ETFs

With the Russell 2000 down almost 5 percent this year, is there a better way to skin the small-cap cat?

ETF Strategist Corner

Arthur: Vietnam ETF Still Looks Good

A money manager takes a good look at a ‘bad’ trade and talks about it openly.

Features and News

The Best Micro-Cap ETF

In micro caps, the small things matter. We get down to details with the funds covering this tiny portion of the market.