Precious Metals ETF Overview

Precious metals ETFs cover ETPs that track or hold baskets of precious metals. They are dominated, like our benchmark, by portfolios consisting almost entirely of a heavy allocation to gold and roughly 15-25% to silver. Precious metals ETFs can be found in the following segments:

With 32 ETFs traded on the U.S. markets, Precious Metals ETFs have total assets under management of $109.70B. The average expense ratio is 0.54%. Precious Metals ETFs can be found in the following asset classes:

  • Commodities

The largest Precious Metals ETF is the SPDR Gold Trust GLD with $57.94B in assets. In the last trailing year, the best-performing Precious Metals ETF was DGZ at 4.16%. The most recent ETF launched in the Precious Metals space was the Sprott ESG Gold ETF SESG on 08/02/22.

Top ETF Performers

UGL ProShares Ultra Gold 15.97%
DGP DB Gold Double Long ETN 14.75%
AGQ ProShares Ultra Silver 12.89%
SESG Sprott ESG Gold ETF 8.20%
OUNZ VanEck Merk Gold Trust 8.17%

Bottom ETF Performers

ZSL ProShares UltraShort Silver -14.74%
DZZ DB Gold Double Short ETN -14.65%
GLL ProShares UltraShort Gold -14.54%
DGZ DB Gold Short ETN -6.94%
PALL Aberdeen Standard Physical Palladium Shares ETF -2.81%

Top Creations

GLDM SPDR Gold MiniShares Trust 74.35
FGLD Franklin Responsibly Sourced Gold ETF 52.56
SLV iShares Silver Trust 36.00
PALL Aberdeen Standard Physical Palladium Shares ETF 20.33
OUNZ VanEck Merk Gold Trust 10.89

Top Redemptions

IAU iShares Gold Trust -417.57
IAUM iShares Gold Trust Micro -191.00
GLD SPDR Gold Trust -73.77
SIVR abrdn Physical Silver Shares ETF -21.29
ZSL ProShares UltraShort Silver -12.13

AUM Winners

FGLD Franklin Responsibly Sourced Gold ETF 120.69%
PLTM GraniteShares Platinum Trust 88.19%
UGL ProShares Ultra Gold 13.44%
BGLD FT Cboe Vest Gold Strategy Quarterly Buffer ETF 11.97%
AGQ ProShares Ultra Silver 10.86%

AUM Losers

GLDX USCF Gold Strategy Plus Income Fund ETF -90.85%
ZSL ProShares UltraShort Silver -36.75%
GLL ProShares UltraShort Gold -33.78%
AAAU Goldman Sachs Physical Gold ETF -18.67%
SLVO Credit Suisse X-Links Silver Shares Covered Call ETN -10.85%

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