Precious Metals ETF Overview

Precious metals ETFs cover ETPs that track or hold baskets of precious metals. They are dominated, like our benchmark, by portfolios consisting almost entirely of a heavy allocation to gold and roughly 15-25% to silver. Precious metals ETFs can be found in the following segments:

With 35 ETFs traded in the U.S. markets, Precious Metals ETFs gather total assets under management of $49.14B. The average expense ratio is 0.94%. Precious Metals ETFs can be found in the following asset classes:

  • Commodities

The largest Precious Metals ETF is the SPDR Gold Trust GLD with $29.90B in assets. In the last trailing year, the best performing Precious Metals ETF was the DSLV at 57.76%. The most-recent ETF launched in the Precious Metals space was the Perth Mint Physical Gold ETF AAAU in 07/26/18.


PALL ETFS Physical Palladium Shares 8.28%
DSLV VelocityShares 3X Inverse Silver ETN 2.23%
DZZ DB Gold Double Short ETN 1.72%
ZSL ProShares UltraShort Silver 1.71%
DGLD VelocityShares 3X Inverse Gold ETN 1.20%


USLV VelocityShares 3X Long Silver ETN -5.08%
DBS Invesco DB Silver Fund -2.93%
AGQ ProShares Ultra Silver -2.74%
UGLD VelocityShares 3X Long Gold ETN -2.07%
PPLT Aberdeen Standard Physical Platinum Shares ETF -1.85%


GLD SPDR Gold Trust 472.31
IAU iShares Gold Trust 199.16
GLDM SPDR Gold MiniShares Trust 37.57
SIVR ETFS Physical Silver Shares 21.76
GLTR Aberdeen Standard Physical Precious Metals Basket Shares ETF 14.73


SLV iShares Silver Trust -65.17
SGOL ETFS Physical Swiss Gold Shares -23.34
DGL Invesco DB Gold Fund -22.99
USLV VelocityShares 3X Long Silver ETN -11.74
GLL ProShares UltraShort Gold -7.88


USV ETRACS UBS Bloomberg CMCI Silver Total Return ETN 98.83%
UBG ETRACS UBS Bloomberg CMCI Gold Total Return ETN 81.54%
AAAU Perth Mint Physical Gold ETF 15.78%
DSLV VelocityShares 3X Inverse Silver ETN 12.40%
GLDM SPDR Gold MiniShares Trust 11.32%


PLTM GraniteShares Platinum Trust -14.57%
USLV VelocityShares 3X Long Silver ETN -13.18%
AGQ ProShares Ultra Silver -10.28%
SLVO Credit Suisse X-Links Silver Shares Covered Call ETN -6.27%
SLV iShares Silver Trust -5.02%

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