SEC ETF Overview

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is an agency of the U.S. federal government. It enforces the federal securities laws as well as regulates the securities industry (e.g., stock and option exchanges) in the U.S., including the creation, responsibilities and limitations of exchange-traded funds.

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More Bitcoin ETFs Coming

Valkyrie may debut on Friday, while VanEck is due to launch its futures-based bitcoin ETF next week.

Bitcoin & Crypto

‘GBTC’ Applies To Convert To ETF

Whether the SEC will allow Grayscale such a conversion remains a question.

Bitcoin & Crypto

SEC’s Bitcoin Solution A Problem

A futures-based bitcoin ETF may leave investors disappointed and confused.

Bitcoin & Crypto

Bitcoin ETFs May Come Next Week

Barring any last-minute actions from the SEC, a handful of bitcoin futures ETFs will become effective.

Bitcoin & Crypto

Bitwise Refiles For Physical Bitcoin ETF

Issuer argues the bitcoin market is mature, with price discovery provided by bitcoin futures. Analysis

Lottery Ticket ETFs Flourish

Leveraged and inverse ETF trading tools can be dangerous if in the wrong hands.

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ETFs Up The Ante Again In 2021

New launch records are showing a major shift in the ETF space, while closures drag. 

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NYSE Gets Custom Basket ETF Edge

NYSE is the first exchange to allow widespread use of custom baskets for semitransparent actively managed ETFs. Analysis

‘ETF Rule’ Playing Out Nicely, So Far

Federal regulation usually stifles business. Not this time.