SEC ETF Overview

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is an agency of the U.S. federal government. It enforces the federal securities laws as well as regulates the securities industry (e.g., stock and option exchanges) in the U.S., including the creation, responsibilities and limitations of exchange-traded funds.

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DFA Takes The Stage With ETFs

A towering name in mutual funds enters the ETF space. 

Bitcoin & Crypto

Where Art Thou Bitcoin ETF?

The long-awaited idea of a bitcoin ETF seems caught in its own regulatory saga.

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Expect More Leveraged & Inverse ETFs

The SEC's new derivatives rule makes it much easier to launch leveraged and inverse ETFs.

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New Framework For ETFs-Of-ETFs

SEC introduces new regulation to level playing field for funds-of-funds.

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Bond Markets Face Big Challenges

Highlights from the SEC's latest fixed income market structure advisory committee meeting.

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Impact Of SEC’s 13F Change Murky

The biggest beneficiary of the SEC's proposal may not be activist investors, but the agency's overworked staff.

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Natixis Debuts Active ETFs With Disclosure Twist

The ETFs rely on the model developed by Natixis and the NYSE for "nontransparent" active management. 

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Legal Questions Circle SEC’s 13F Plan

The SEC's recent 13F proposal is controversial. But it's not clear it has the legal authority to carry it out.


Best Of ETF Prime Podcast: Summer 2020

Revisiting some of Nate Geraci’s favorite ETF conversations over the past few months.