Allan Roth

Index Investor Corner

Grading The 25 Largest ETFs

Do your ETFs make the grade?

Index Investor Corner

A Narrow, Pricier ETF I May Buy

Why the just-launched Direxion Low Priced Stock ETF (LOPX) intrigues me.

Index Investor Corner

What RIAs & Investors Can't Know

Following your gut can hurt portfolio performance.

Index Investor Corner

Reducing Noise & Bias In Investing

Why investors should understand where one ends and the other begins.

Index Investor Corner

Beware Of Sci-Fi Portfolios

Bells and whistles aren’t always music to the ear when it comes to building a portfolio.

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Making Sense Of The Tide At DFA

DFA faces outflows from its funds as it enters the ETF space.

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Why Avoiding Alpha A Good ETF Play

What active ARK ETFs and smart beta have in common.

Bitcoin & Crypto

Is Bitcoin A Bubble?

Time is working on the cryptocurrency’s side, keeping many waiting for its demise.

Index Investor Corner

Shortcomings In Smart Beta ETFs

Did your ETFs own these few stocks that drove market performance?