Andrew Hecht

Andrew Hecht is a Nevada-based writer and analyst covering stocks, bonds, foreign exchange, cryptocurrency and raw material markets. He has over four decades of experience in markets across all asset classes, concentrating on commodity markets. Hecht was a senior trader at Salomon Brothers in the 1980s and 1990s, running sales and trading businesses. In 2013, McGraw Hill published his book, “How to Make Money in Commodities.“

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Steel, Commodity Price Trends Support SLX

The VanEck Steel ETF offers investors exposure to the steel sector and an above-market dividend.

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What Rising Geopolitical Risk Means for China Stocks

Investors like Charlie Munger still see value in Alibaba, but the underperformance will likely continue.

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Gold Sends Signal to Leading Mining ETF

A bullish technical pattern and a recent bounce suggest the start of a rally.

Features and News

Missed Tech Earnings Not All Bad For QQQ

Not all lower-than-expected earnings reports spell bad news for ETFs.