Chris Vinyard

Chris Vinyard is an ETF analyst at FactSet Research Systems. His main focus lies in data analysis, with additional coverage of alternative ETFs. Before joining FactSet as part of an acquisition in 2015, Chris did similar work for’s ETF Analytics department. Previous to that, he worked as a proposal analyst at Lockheed Martin's Advanced Technology Center. Chris graduated from San Francisco State University with bachelor’s degrees in corporate finance and financial services, and he is a CFA Level III candidate.

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Digging Into The World Of Liquid Alt ETFs

With the focus on “liquid alts” intensifying, it’s time for a deeper dive in a complex category.

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 Digging Into Liquid Alts

These funds are not created equally, which creates a bigger need for due diligence. Analysis

Beyond iBillionaire ETF’s Marketing Sizzle

Can an equal-weighted large-cap ETF make you invest like a billionaire?

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 A Very Precise Tool

Volatility investments have been much (and perhaps justifiably) maligned, but there are periods when they can lend a boost to your portfolio, according to Dave Nadig and Chris Vinyard.